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Two-Minute Tuesday Tip: UKG Insiders

March 01, 2022
Working Smarter Café Podcast
Two-Minute Tuesday Tip: UKG Insiders
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The Two-Minute Tuesday Tip shares a noteworthy tidbit of information in two minutes — less time than it takes to brew your coffee or tea. In this episode, you learn about the UKG customer fan club, UKG Insiders, and the opportunities that come with participating. 

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This is Lauren Nawfel at the Working Smarter Café, and you’re listening to the Two-Minute Tuesday Tip. 

Today’s tip is about the UKG Insiders program. If you’re a customer who has not heard about this, I promise this will be worth the two minutes of your time. 

UKG Insiders is a fan club for our most engaged customers. Insiders can participate in many great opportunities like feedback sessions, interviews, product testing, speaking at events, peer reviews…I could go on and on.  

All this, plus members receive recognition for their efforts along the way. It’s really a wonderful program, but don’t take just my word for it. Members think so too. 

I’d like to introduce Deb Tallo of Gateway Region YMCA, who’s been an Insider for almost 5 years. Here’s what Deb had to say about the program.  

Deb: The value that it’s provided me is it’s connected me with other folks. Recently, we’ve connected with another Insider at another Y. That has just been invaluable to us because it’s really taught us new ways of being able to take full advantage and optimization of our products. So that’s been truly, truly invaluable to us.  

And her advice to people still on the fence about joining. Listen to this. 

Deb: I would honestly say you have nothing to lose and only to gain. You know you get previews to things you get information, you get connections. And really it helps you to be a better professional in your career, just by virtue of being a part of it. So there’s everything to gain and nothing to lose. 

If you want in, contact to learn more. You can find links in the show notes. 

I’m Lauren, and that’s your Two-Minute Tuesday Tip.