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Two-Minute Tuesday Tip: UKG Ready’s Pre-Configured Dashboard Tabs

December 06, 2022 Lauren
Working Smarter Café Podcast
Two-Minute Tuesday Tip: UKG Ready’s Pre-Configured Dashboard Tabs
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The Two-Minute Tuesday Tip shares a noteworthy tidbit of information in less time than it takes to brew your favorite cafe beverage. In this episode, you learn about one of the most exciting functionality updates in the UKG Ready new dashboard experience: pre-configured dashboard tabs.

Hey, it’s Lauren Nawfel at the Working Smarter Café, and you’re listening to the Two-Minute Tuesday Tip.  

Today’s tip is about UKG Ready and the new dashboard experience. As many UKG Ready customers may know the new dashboard experience comes with a plethora of exciting new features and functionality. One of those exciting features is Pre-Configured Dashboard Tabs.   

If you’re just starting to use to the new experience or don’t know where to even begin, pre-configured dashboard tabs are a fantastic jumping-off point. Pre-configured dashboard tabs allow you to easily create dashboards for different roles and pull in a standard set of widgets based on what each different role may need to access in their day-to-day. 

We have four different pre-configured templates to choose from:

  • Employee Dashboard – Widgets that will help employees easily access important information including timesheets and schedules 
  • Manager – Widgets that will help managers effectively manage their team and handle approvals with ease 
  • Administrator – Widgets that will help admins make smart, proactive decisions and manage compliance with real-time insight into labor data
  • Generic – Widgets that will make sure important tasks are not delayed with immediate access to essential information 

Don’t worry you’ll be able to preview the dashboard tab before pushing it out to your employees! So, if you want to edit where each widget appears on the dashboard you can. 

Alright, that’s it. For more information head to the UKG Kronos Community and check out the New Dashboard Experience Community page. There you’ll find links to quick bite videos and user guides that will help you add these pre-configured dashboard tabs in your solution.  I’m Lauren, and that’s your Two-Minute Tuesday Tip.