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Two-Minute Tuesday Tip: The UKG Ready Mobile app

August 22, 2023 Your UKG Podcast Team
Working Smarter Café Podcast
Two-Minute Tuesday Tip: The UKG Ready Mobile app
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The Two-Minute Tuesday Tip shares a noteworthy tidbit of information in less time than it takes to brew your favorite café beverage. In this episode, you'll learn why the UKG Ready Mobile app is a must-have when optimizing your company's HR and workforce management process.

For full details about the UKG Ready Mobile app, visit our resource page on the Community.

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This is Emma Ventre at the Working Smarter Café, and you’re listening to the Two-Minute Tuesday Tip. 

Today’s two-minute tip surrounds UKG Ready’s Mobile App, which is a must-have when it comes to optimizing your company’s HR and workforce management processes. Using the app your employees have the capability to access and adjust important information on the go. 

But don’t just take our word for it, take it from Sara Tilkens, the VP of Human Resources at the YMCA of the Fox Cities about how they’re leveraging using UKG Mobile app within their organization. 

Sara: Well, we really find that the mobile app is probably one of the most essential pieces of UKG from a user perspective. Having that mobile app really which is the whole suite has been incredibly helpful for us. 

The mobile experience allows for employees to self-serve and view personal information anytime, anywhere.

Sara:  To be able to have someone just pick up their phone and do what they need to do from an employment perspective whether that is punching in or out, maybe we have a training they need to do and we assign it via a checklist, maybe they need to update a form on their employee profile, or they need to upload a certificate they have or a certification. Those are all things that has been wonderful. And so having that mobile app really helps them to be connected and have access to that information at their fingertips.

The mobile app is not just for your employees, but administrators can take advantage of features as well.

Sara:  I think about my team, the HR team, who are the primary administrators within the system. And things that we would utilize it for like unplanned questions. “We need someone’s contact information” and maybe it’s not their supervisor asking, it’s somebody else. One of us can quickly look up the employee and get their contact information, which seems so simple, but how convenient it is if we don’t happen to be in front of our computer or have it available to quickly look up and access that information.

And to wrap it up, here are some final thoughts about using the UKG Ready Mobile app

Sara: We really couldn’t imagine using the suite without it. I don’t know if there’s customers out there who do, but it is such a benefit for us. It’s just kind of ingrained that that’s how it is. New hires download as part of their onboarding. They download the app and we talk about it right at their first day, so it’s really important to us.

To learn more about the UKG Ready Mobile App, visit our resource page on the Community.

I’m Emma, and this is Two Minute Tuesday Tip.